We dare say that the fast and simple installation of Enamello Kitchen Front isslowly revolutionizing the construction process. Erecting the panel is a faster and smoother process than the tiling of a corresponding surface because you can both install and add the panel at the same time. Imagine then what happens to the total construction time when multiple panels are being installed in many homes. For example, when installing Enamello in 100 apartments you only need 25 hours. When putting tiles in 100 apartments you need at least 400 hours and at least two visits.


Come with us on a quick trip of TWO steps that tell you how the Enamello Revolution works.




   15 MIN


Enamello Kitchen Front comes in customized dimensions

All our panels are manufactured and supplied in bespoke tailored dimensions. The advantage is that it is faster and more flexible during installation. The installation is quick using glue and cartridge glue gun.


Quick assembly with glue


Enamello Kitchen Front has a back of steel or aluminum. Assembly is made easy by applying glue (or attaching Velcro) before the panel is pressed firmly  against the wall. Regardless of the backing material it is being attached to, you simply add the panel directly.


If needed it's easy to cut/adjust on the spot


Do the ordered dimensions not, after all, match reality? No problem. EnamelloKitchen Front is easily adjusted to the right measurements in place. We recommend using a jigsaw or circular saw with a metal blade for best results.