Enamello's products are an investment for the future.


No other typical splashguards, regardless of whether they are tile, stone slabs, glass or laminate sheets with magnetic function, have the same high quality, functional and durable surface that Enamello Kitchen Front has.


Having Enamello Kitchen Front in your kitchen releases a valuable work-surface that had previously been useless and only aesthetic. With Enamello Kitchen Front you get both aesthetics and functionality.


Magnet bearing

Since Enamello Kitchen Front is magnet bearing you can easily attach important papers, knife strips, hooks, paper towel holders and even things like an iPad mount without drilling a single hole.


Enamello has sought out the best available accessories on the market and has also developed its own range of accessories that maintain the magnetic quality and which are guaranteed to adhere properly.


No other panel on the market delivers seamless materials with such large dimensions, Kitchen Front offers a maximum measurement 1200 x 5000 mm. This large surface enables you to have an aesthetic and hygienic surface in the absence of stiff joints.


In theory, we can deliver even larger panels but, shipping and handling are the only limitations.


Heat resistant

Enamello Kitchen Front can withstand large temperature fluctuations between -60 ° C to + 450 ° C. You need not be worried about putting pots or pans nearby or having the stove on high temperature.


This feature makes enamel splash protection Enamello Kitchen front of one of the most durable products on the market.


One of the major advantages of Enamello Kitchen Fronts high-quality enamel finish is that it can be used as a whiteboard where you can write shopping lists, weekly schedules, etc. over and over again.


The ability to write on Enamello Kitchen Front provides , just as with its the magnet bearing feature, another area of the home that is functional and practical.

Hygienic without need of maintenance

Enamelled steel is completely non-porous and neither dirt, grime nor bacteria can attach to the surface and is therefore very easy to keep clean.


You can simply wipe away grease stains, your writing, fingerprints etc. from the surface regularly with a cloth (preferably a micro-fibre cloth) moistened with water, detergents or Enamello cleaner that can be purchased in our online shop.

Colour Fastness /
UV Resistant

The enamel surface is fade resistant / UV resistant. This means that the colour that comes will keep its shade and shine throughout it´s life regardless